Shot Blasting

Some surfaces are inherently difficult to clean because of the type of substance that is latching onto the material. Soap and water simply will not do. Even brushes may not be successful in lifting the unwanted layer. In this kind of situation, advanced techniques are usually employed to get the desired results. shot blasting is a great example of a high-level cleaning process. It has proven to be effective is the removal of rust, paint, scale, and other flaws on the surface of metal pieces. If you want to lift everything quickly and see the original condition, then this is a good option.

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Parts of a Shot Blasting Machine

Machines that are used for this method of cleaning come in different sizes and configurations. Some are small enough to be operated like a gun. You simply hold it in your hand, aim at the target, and pull the trigger. Others are large enough to be ridden like a lawnmower. They are ideal for cleaning bigger surfaces such as those inside expansive properties. There are also blast boosts that can fit heavy equipment inside. Although they differ in scale, they all share the same parts including a shot blaster gun, an air compressor, a hopper, and a blast booth. To learn more, search for shot blast media suppliers near me on search engines.

The Shot Blasting Process

It all starts with the hopper. This must be filled with the appropriate shot blasting media before the system goes live. Once it's on, all you need to do is to squeeze the trigger to begin the cleaning process. Compressed air will push the shots out of the gun and towards the target. Make sure that you are aiming at the right direction as the shots will be quite powerful because of the high speed for air movement. Shot blasting cabinets are generally designed to recover spent shots for reuse. These could be manually or automatically feed back into the hopper to continue the cycle.

Shot Blasting Media

You can find a number of shot blasting media. Each has its own character and typical applications. Pumice is a good option when you need a soft blast to prevent damage to the surface of a delicate material. For example, it is often used to peel away paint on wood without a trace. On the other hand, there's hard aluminium oxide for the removal of stubborn rust on corroded metal. It has a highly abrasive effect because of tiny sharp corners in each piece. It may be used multiple times as it is durable enough to remain effective for long periods.